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siggity biggity diggity miggity figgity   
05:31am 29/04/2025
  im on this lj shit, what up

lots changed since i was on this thang.

things were ok but most shit stank.

lost everything but i still have the same game

werd, werd, werd

01:52am 03/05/2022
mood: es muy bien con ambien tambien
let's spot clean the scene and weed em out i mean
05:32pm 16/04/2021
mood: cold and not high
i don't get this whole (bad music) "phenomenon" that has been fucking up my friends and people i thought could see art when it was presented to them or deny it if it was like... (shit that i can't take seriously as music). we all know we can do that shit. let's get over. stay hip.
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08:09pm 23/03/2020
mood: doom
this bullet comes from the back of the brain, it's finally released after the counts of shame. should i name or leave a blank space? is this expulsion worth wettening my face? a bottle capped, a tightened drum, i'll show my feelings by stickins out a thumb. BECAUSE I'm going to BE A OK! right?
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06:31pm 17/03/2009
  so so. im in ortonville and then kalamazoo this weekend.next week ortonville. Bud is at the vet because he has a big gash on his leg :( paint is ok. not bad. im going to record songs next week.i get to see my brother tonight and i havent seen him in months! happy saint partridge day. face out. so it was nice seeing you . next week?  
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09:24pm 12/03/2009
  call me!!!!  
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the curse   
06:43pm 06/03/2007
  i do trust all the dumb ones. i just smile.  
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05:59am 30/12/2006
mood: me
pot-bellied, stuffed with unearned cash.
ok, so   
11:17am 28/12/2006
  i have four fingers and a tongue... come on baby give me some. i want that feeling till it's numb...................and then some. (know that) crumbs are some too, and then you will recognize, that this array of play will keep your eyes materialised, and so wise to the simple symptoms of your kinship, i'd rock some more but it would not be hip... hip, hip.

SO!! i was informed tonight (or whenever monday evening was) that The Wrap will be performing at 312 dutton street this thusday. This venue is also known as the "hater house" and yes... they accept donations. Paul Baribou will also be performing and it is said that he will be doing Springsteen covers. so, come. i will be covering rap songs from the 90's, ok? good. love me. (not "love. me") thank you
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09:26pm 23/08/2006
  dear daylight,

i'm trapped way up high in this tower of darkness. they make me sleep while you are are out and about. i know, it's fucked up and evil. i'll do what i can in the meantime.like last night, i wore some old woman's clothes and got high and made beats. see, i'm dealing. until i see you again all i have to say is that i'd rather be outside with you than in here with all of these sitcoms. rescue me and we can go back to doing the things we used to do. right now the world is stickin it to me where the sun don't shine.

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01:51am 18/02/2006
  noise show was fun. i had a great time.  
05:12pm 01/02/2006
  i feel like a snow globe  
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11:14pm 26/01/2006
  everything is boring and will just keep getting more and more dull each day  
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03:07am 24/01/2006
  everything is good and it will keep getting better  
1,2,3 TOO!   
11:33pm 19/01/2006
mood: paint fume high
too harnessed in slums to rock you wrap your throat.
i figured it out!   
11:10pm 16/01/2006
  i want to live in the shower.  
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11:02pm 12/01/2006
  i just bit my fist. man. :(  
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eye swear with my hands raised high in the air   
10:13pm 12/01/2006
mood: you know
if ten of my closest friends came out here for 3 months we would totally fuck this place up. why chip away at that town you are in for so many years when you can go to a foreign regular old american concrete fast food town and totally demolish it with a small plan and yes. 10. of YOU. im just saying.
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O, high...oh   
11:16pm 10/01/2006
mood: nun
yes. today was amazing. well now that it's over it is. cuz i don't like doing things at all when it comes down too it. i woke up, packed my shit, got some breakfast. i drove to the Westin hotel and of course i fucked that up by driving past my exit and yeah yeah. ok. i got there and i called the dudes i was waiting for. 4 dudes. four awesome dudes. Luis, Salvador (chava), his brother (i don't know how i dont know his name but i do know his middle name is ruben) and Esteban. Luis-the braun-learning english, Salvador- the brains-the father figure-, his brother- the weasel- short and small- fast worker-Esteban- the joker-leader- really fucking funny. they all have moustaches. i will soon. so we put these dumb tub liners in all the tubs on the fourth floor and it took like 10 minutes so we were done until we get to smash tile in bathrooms tomorrow. i'm excited for that. so we helped the liquidation company who is taking the furniture out of the hotel rooms to be replaced by new furniture. moving shit sucks but this was not bad because of dolly's and elevators. the people that worked for this liquidation company were fucking strange. first off they all had big strips of tape across their chests with their names on them. so yes, i know their names. the wierd ones. FIRST off there is this black dude named HARPER. i'd imagine that he's about 40 ish and he was wearing camoflogue pants and he had dreadlocks. he is a pretty dark complected man and there are certain things that would give me the indication of either a past or present crack addiction.
1. teeth either missing or too widely spaced (hmm...)
2. teeth are supposed to be an off white color right? oh harper!
3. works for a temp agency
4. camo pants
5. one of the first thing i heard him say was something along the lines of 'gotta work tho, they only payin' us 8 tho . that's bullshit. better than being on the streets tho. ain nuthin but guns.' i said this is my first time to cincinatti' he did some wierd head shake and laugh like 'hell no'. the OH in ohio stands for Oh Hellno!

that's why.

and he was talking about waking up in the middle of the night and turning on music videos and looking at all the girls big asses. he was mimicking himself sitting up with a remote in his hand with his eyes wide open. don't get in to crack guys. please.


i went to the store last night to buys papers. it was a smoke shop so i thought i'd try something different and bought some Hempire papers. they were very pleasing and easy to roll. BESIDES THAT. in the store was this bald dude with a seriously fucked up greeil (serioudle rotten and only one obvious tooth showing in front)and resembled stone cold steve austin hit in the face with a BIG shovel. i was looking around and i hear him say something about how he was working at the westin hotel and it was the richest place that he'd ever been too. it's nice, but nice to this guy is 'that tree stand'. anyway, i said something doofy like 'hey blah westin me too ya ya ya know' and he was saying something about he heard about the crew or whatever but yeah. ispent a lot of my day with him too. funny. we talk and and introduce at the hotel and he says 'michigan, dated a gal from there once, prettier'n shit, dad was nice too, took me huntin' for bobcats in alpena, i didnt shoot nothin, went to get drunk'

everyone at this liquidation company was talking about their pay. bitching and complaining. their boss TOM is a total fucking cock fuck fuck. i hate him. he bought me lunch but. you have no idea and i won't even explain because it's not good for me to hate. so we helped this shit move then the 4 dudes and i went with tom to the apartment complexes to unload all of the beds, tables, chairs, tv's and whatever into the apartments. and this is where i am right now. sippppping on free internet. i dunno whose signal. fuckem. so one thing about tom i will reveal. before we went around to the 9 or 10 apartments that there are for people working on the hotel, we had to eat cuz my fellas hadn't even eaten breakfast and drove 18 hours from denver and only like had a sandwich and coffee and sorrry to run on but they don't have their licenses and drove here and got pulled over but only got pulled over to get searched and thats fucking racist THEY DONT HAVESS TEHMS LICENSESSZZ! but they didnt have drugs or guns eithe so its ok. america: no drugs no guns no licenses no problem. BUT tom was like (in the asshole condesending asshole prick asshole voice that he always uses)'you guys wanna eat at taco bell(directed directly toward the 4 mexican fellows sounding like mr. america taking a taco supreme to deep mexico and feeding it to a poor child because its 'wut dey eetz' and oh it gets worse! it gets soooo baaaaaaaaad. not really. but at taco bell he was the last one that ordered after he squinted at the menu for 15 minutes obviously never being then antd then saying at the table "so the taco supreme isn't ant bigger than the regular taco?"...no..."imagine my disappointment" fucker. PROVING THAT HE's an asshole and ONLY took them there cuzzzzzzzz ....mmmm mexicanz luh tacos. he would not have mentioned it to any other people. he obviously never had. i know its dumb. but um. yep.

hahahah and when i was sitting at taco bell and Esteban made a comment about some girl driving by and i looked at the plate of her car and it was from kentucky and i mentioned how i slept there last night. and tom's fuck ass said that "we crossed the border when we went on the bridge" that's like an enemy fucking showing you how you fucked up and then kicking you in the teeth for it. but it's clearly only because i have hated this man after first looking at him and speaking to him.
i rewall should have known we were in kentucky. so i'll be living in KENTUCKY!! for the next few months and crossing dangerous borders.

cincinatti is really pretty. the river the bridges . fuck the banks. lotsssss. the hills outside the city are awesome looking and soon ill take pictures of some of the house i saw when i first got there. i have to find somewhere to rap downtown. i'm gonna.

what else. i spent 67 dollars at DOLLAR TREE today. i will be reimbursed. it was all shit for the apartment. oh yeaaah I sleep next to the kitchen in the living room kinda. its fine tho. im alone at least. they have to share rooms. i have a queen hotel bed so its alllll gooooooo and i'm going to hang a sheet around my bed and i got some fake leaves from the store that i'll hang.

only one of the dudes i lives with smokes weed and we smoked i bowl together.funny funny. they all have kids and are married. i spoke a lot of spanish today and it was fun but when they talk to each other, i can't even make out sounds sometimes. luis talks slow so i understand him most of the time. it's also frustrating, and i told them, (because of such a thick accent) i can't tell if they are speaking to me in english or spanish. they are helping me though. teaching me new words. esteban was poing at things and telling me to name them earlier but i just thinking he was being an asshole. he's fucking hilarious. my name is now gabriel of course.

ummmmmmm bout it. work at 8:30. i love you guys. smiles and miles (of teeth)
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09:02pm 09/01/2006
mood: not high
law and order: trial by jury. i'm about to smoke a joint in a holiday inn in covington kentucky right next to cincinatti. i am going to be living in an apartment outside of town until April 23rd. i start working tomorrow at 10. i have 2 beds in this room because there weren't any rooms with one bed. fuck national city bank. that is all. o yeah... and i miss her... i hope this doesn't get bad.............................
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